26 January 2011

How to plan a type A wedding... when you are type B

This whole post could appeal to life in general. I love the Jcrew/Martha Stewart lifestyle and drool over home design magazines. However I am drawn to the vintage vibe which contrasts with clean lines and non-clutter.

Well I have the best advice ever... which I can say I have tried and tested... Have a lot of type A friends and family who will help! I am placing a lot of important parts of the wedding into friends hands as I know they are far more functional than I am. This includes at least flowers, photos, set up, breakfast, keeping RSVP info straight and table numbers.

I have always been an idea person. However (like at work), I am smart enough to surround myself with great functional people who can turn an idea into reality. Luckily these people are amazing, love me and are well aware of my dysfunctional issues.

Unfortunately all this planning and support has been done for the HC wedding. The England wedding has no site or date even yet. I also have no support group over there other than my amazing fiancée who unfortunately suffers from the same disease as me. We have decided to ignore the England wedding until after my transatlantic move.

So in the end... admit your short comings and surround yourself with very amazing, talented and helpful people. And really if you think about it; pretty flowers are pretty flowers, they will still look pretty no matter how they are arranged on the stupid reception tables.

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