31 January 2011

Oh gmail (and accessories)... will you be my valentine?

Gmail has become a crutch for so many my age. Just as I was leaving undergrad in 2006 gmail was taking off... and I needed a new email anyways. With far more working features that yahoo or hotmail (and because it was the cool thing to do) I got a gmail account with the professional name of firstname.lastname@gmail.com

Fast forward 5 years later, through grad school, first jobs and now into my career at a start up. My 4 year old company lives on google, google docs, google sites... to manage our internal doings. Even more so my personal life is completely google-fied from the moment I wake up to the evening. I will describe below:

Wake up (via blackberry, but that is a whole other post), read my personal and business gmail, look at my appt on my g calendar, gchat the fiance (he is 5 hours ahead).... this is all before I get up from bed... Once at work... first I use google reader to catch up on the industry... on gmail all day at work as we use them and google docs run our company etc... at home on personal gmail where google docs keep my finances and wedding planning in order...

Oh and it all syncs to my blackberry....

Dear Google, I know you are collecting my info to target ads at me... but its ok... we are both using each other really... without one the other would not exist... I love our co-dependency... will you be my valentine?

BUT..... In 6 months my name will change... should I... change my gmail?

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