01 February 2011

Moving Madness Monday (little late)

2.5 years ago (a long long time ago in social/career life).... I moved from Austin, TX to Boston, MA in just my F150..... it was quite the feat.

I spent 2 years in Texas, however I did have my own house. There was so much to get rid of, so many little stupid things (luckily most of the big I left for my friend moving in). Fast-forward to This week and I am 12 days out from moving again.... but this time across the Atlantic.

One would think that only having 10x10ft of space would result in a finite accumulation of "stuff" ... here is what already has gone
-15 garbage bags of garbage (the big kind)
-6 garbage donations to salvation army
-1 bag to buffalo exchange (valued at $130)

I am planning on moving to the UK and leaving 2 small bags back at home full of summer clothes... the goal is
-1 large suitcase checked (free)
-Golf bag checked w shoes (free)
-1 steamer case ($48)
-rugby back packed full ($112)
-Cobalt in crate (price not defined)

I just need to sell my bed (without having to move it) and the damn truck!

Oh yeah.. and I need my visa to come through so I can get on that plane at 7:30pm Feb 13th..... damn its looming

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