06 February 2011

Put down the laptop.. and step away from the Etsy

Today I started to "Treasury" on Etsy, see here:

Etsy was introduced to me early on in my wedding planning scene. I lost my virginity to Etsy back in November when I ordered a custom dress from Nostalgia (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Nostalgia). Since them I have not been able to keep of the site. In the last two weeks alone I have ordered 4 presents on them and so far they have turned out great.

Now if you know Etsy you must know its evil twin Regretsy, where DIY meets WTF. Some of her points are valid... besides general ugliness there are those trying to take advantage of the system by reselling things with false branding or not actually being handmade at all (unless you count the small children in China who work in the factories).

Should I be nervous about Etsy-ing? Right now I have had great experiences (and will reveal the gifts and vendors next week). However in my new house and homeland in England I will be using Etsy for inspiration as I want to up the DIY in my life. My current list of DIY for England

-bunting for English wedding
-a fascinator, maybe birdcage veil with it
-new curtains
-learn how to sew a dress for myself

I can see our second bedroom becoming a little bit of a crafting haven for me. Should be interesting...

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