17 February 2011

My last means of survival in the UK... The "Bacon Buddy"

First before I go into describing the one thing that will keep me from starving in the UK... lets talk bacon. In the states we have bacon and that weired ham thing called canadian bacon. In the UK there is a thicker less fattier form of bacon, almost enough meat to make you feel less guilty for using it as a sandwich meat, but tasty like our US bacon which is known as "streaky" bacon. When cooked it maintains a ham like texture with the smokiness and sweetness of bacon. That being said...

The Bacon Buddy
Simple, tasty, not exactly healthy, but good substinance when you need it. And also it is rumored to have magical properties after having a few pints.

2 slices white bread
2-3 slices bacon, cooked (hot)
HP sauce

Assemble sandwich and devour.....

I promise next week will be healthier... :)

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