01 February 2011

Tequila Tuesdays.....

Well maybe just in my dreams. We are in the middle of the 1/3 snowstorms for the week and I am dreaming of beaches in Mexico. Which I feel requires an adult beverage for beach sitting (its in the rules I swear). So here is an oldie but a goodie from the days back in Austin, which I bet is not under 5' of snow!

Jolly-ritas (aka beer can margaritas, a bad decision)
-1 can of limeade (sometimes hard to find, stock up on a few if you do)
-1 can full of tequila
-1/2 can full of triple sec
-2 cans of light beer

Now it would not be responsible of me to send you off with such a delicious recipe for alcohol without one for food. And as many of you reading are of course on a diet to look fabulous for my wedding and woo a fine British man (or woman) of your own... I will supply my healthy substitutions which are just as delicious.

Just a note before I give away my secret recipe I would like to share how this first came to me, I have no clue. Years ago when my mom was still alive she found it in 1/100 magazines she reads and it was my job to put the taco pie together. 15 years later (or maybe even more) its still my go to for parties and is always enjoyed. So with out further ado...

Kerianne's Famous Taco Pie (note: in bottom to top order of layers
In a standard pie dish:
-1 can of refried beans (sub non fat)
-1lb cooked ground beef (sub 98% lean turkey)
-1 bar cream cheese and 12oz picante, nuked for 45 seconds and mixed (sub fat free cream cheese)
-mixed cheeses grated on top (sub fat free cheeses)
-dice olives, peppers, tomatoes etc and sprinkle on top
Bake for 45 minutes covered at 350, remove for 10 so cheese is bubbling. Serve with sturdy tortilla chips. Can be refrigerated and scooped out for reheating the next day.


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