10 February 2011

Wedding crazies.....

Blogs and wedding TV shows want every bride to believe that everything must be perfect and the guests must be wowed and surprised. This brings up an issue of editing... do I need a jeweled wow cake.. or a tasty cake... and many more of the like For the HC wedding I had my vision right away:

Open bar, satisfying food... killer dance party.

Anything around that was on the sidelines to me and just a blur during the day. Then I started getting the wedding crazies when I read a few too many blogs and watched too much We network. The wedding magazines and their endless ideas and DIY was not helping either.

With my impending trip I need to streamline and I figure while I am at it why not streamline the wedding down too. Back to... Open bar, satisfying food... killer dance party. Picked out some flowers that I thought were pretty, leave it up to the florist from there. Talk to the DJ give him our songs and ideas and forget about it. Food- really I will not even get to eat it anyways.

Just focus on the important: I am marrying my best friend with all the awesome people I like surrounding- and that's just awesome

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