28 February 2011

I could beat a mugger with this purse!

Well those of you who know my style know I enjoy my large bags and wallets. My shoulder muscles have spent the last few years over-developing to comfortably carry large bags with all my ridiculousness in them. Mock me if you wish but when you need tissues, chapstick, pain killers, antacids, change or an epi-pen I am so your girl. However recently I have been experiencing a weight issue and its not due to my collection of sundries but the damn change I have been collecting.

I am slowly coming round to saying the word pounds instead of dollars but when it comes to pulling the money out of my wallet my thoughts have not changed. I pull out bills.. bills have meaning... bills actually pay for something. Unless you are paying a toll or buying a pack of gum or need to pay parking (save your quarters!!)....change is pretty much useless. So the change just collects. Well I currently have about 10 pounds or gbp in change in my wallet, this also happens to weigh about 10lbs so beware muggers because I will swing and take you down to chinatown. (Translation I have over $16 change in my wallet and it is almost considered a concealed weapon)

In order to save my poor shoulders I will start dumping all change into the "honeymoon" fund. Lets see where that leaves us in September!

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