22 February 2011

So good, so cheap, faster than take out....

Its a bird, its a plane... its the actually healthy for you pita pizza?

Perfect for that quick snack when its just you or its too hot outside this baby doesn't even require and oven as a small toaster oven will suffice. Also it can be customized to your liking or whatever happens to be in your fridge at the moment. As soon as I get back to the market this is sure to be a staple of my wedding dress diet in the UK.

Ingredients (substitutions)
Pita round (whole wheat, soy etc any kind of pita)
Tomato sauce ( or pesto/olive oil)
Cheese (FF shredded motz, fresh motz, feta, blue anything if you want to get crazy)
Toppings (veggies, meats anything your hearts content)

1) Leave the pita as is with the pocket in tack and place on a tinfoil wrapped sheet (for easy clean up). If you want to make more than one then just use a larger pan and your oven. Heat oven or toaster to 350F

2) Sauce it up

3) Cheese it up

4) Top it up

5) Pop it in the oven for 10-15 min or until cheese looks nicely melted and browned. Easily eaten if cut up with kitchen scissors

6) Enjoy

Personally I enjoy a traditional tomato sauce pizza, fresh motz, feta and spinach topping...

Post your favorite flavor combos as a comment!(or favourite flavour for my UK readers)

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm I'm a big fan of pita pizza. You could also take it in a breakfast direction and smear peanut butter (or nut butter of choice)on the pita and then top with fruit, jelly, choc chips, etc. Maybe drizzle with a lil' honey or agave, or sprinkle with granola when it comes out of the toaster. Deeeelish!