10 February 2011

Travel Anxiety

After 15 business trips and a few pleasure ones last year, living in Texas and long distance relationships you think I would be over the anxiety of travel. (I can get through security in 30seconds or less and pack for 10 days in a carry-on) But this upcoming trip is driving me crazy. First there was mass confusion about the visa, turns out I didn't need one. Cobalt was taken care of... on the last step everything was lost in the mail. CUE THE BEGINNING OF 72 HOURS OF ANXIETY.

Now this trip started as a fun trip. I selected Feb 14th arrival for two reasons- get to spend Vday with the boy and I will be in England for 6Nations rugby (may have to settle for the pub though as tickets seem a bit pricy). I come home in May for my shower and bachelorette giving me a lovely 3 month trip. I have a surprise trip planned in March and will be in Paris in April to visit a friend. In the UK I plan on seeing Stonehenge, York and this festival where they chase a ball of cheese down a hill. Faro, Portugal is on my to do list once I find a good weekend. (Doesn't this all sound like fun)

Now comes the nightmare. I applied and denied the wrong visa... I actually don't need one as I am going to visit and for less than 6 months. So now I am paranoid about entering and having to explain my sheer stupidity. Then first time Cobalts papers are wrong and for Australia. Second time they get lost in certified mail. Now I am taking care of everything again last minute and asking favors of my amazing vet to help me. (FYI because of her amazingness I will be donating to a local animal shelter in her name for everything she has done.) This trip is getting to be much less fun now.

I look forward to the few months before our wedding as being the perfect time to explore UK and Europe together, travel, shop etc. I just have to remember why I decided to go on the 14th anyways ..... (It was for the rugby)

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