27 January 2011

If you could...

travel anywhere in Europe for under $200 round trip... where to go....

Well I have been facing this question as I have the time to travel in the next few months. I decided to take an analytical approach to eliminate a few choices below:
Germany- will be traveling there for work
Spain- just was in Sevilla and will be going to Barcelona for work
Ireland- Been there
England- Been around there
Greece- honeymoon destination

That leaves me with a few top choices:
Portugal- amazing food
Morocco- hello Casablanca
Italy- Fun but seems a bit cliche

As I already have two trips planned (Paris etc) I think I am going to go with Portugal as it is still chilly in England, Morocco I am not sure is safe and Italy really is cliche.....

Facts about Portugal:
They speak Portuguese (I dont)
They eat lots of fish
They have coastline
It looked fun in the bad British show "Mile High"

That is about all I know... should make for an interesting trip. now to ryanair, Flybe, bmibaby and easyjet to find one of those lovely low fares....

fyi- hopefully Thursdays will be more fun when I actually am traveling


  1. Go to Portugal! It is an awesome place. I spent a few days in Lisbon and Sintra a couple of years ago. Lots of fun, and good food... also most of the people spoke english.

  2. Ok, well, if you've discounted all of the above, what about Amsterdam? Or the Swiss Alps?

    Aaand you can just fake a British accent so no one will think you're the stupid American, and they can blame Enland instead!