25 January 2011

What to do....

When everything goes crazy..... what to do....

So far 2011 has brought the following (in no particular order):-
-Promotion to a new position at my job (a position that did not previously exist)
-Moving from an apt and selling/giving away/throwing out 90% of my life
-Placing an offer on a house I have never seen and having it accepted

Craziness on the horizon:
-The transatlantic move... with dog (see whole other list of trying to move a dog to the UK)
-Closing on a house
-Not having a legal home until July
-Working out Visa issues with the wedding
-Planning a wedding in Worcester, MA
-Planning a wedding in Sheffield, UK
-Getting back home for a shower and bachelorette party
-Decorating and DIY my new home
-Learning British lingo after getting strange looks for words I use
-Building a successful business account in my new role
-Buying a bed with my fiancée when we know we like complete opposites

and that is just the next couple of months...

Stay tuned for more reflections, stories and general ridiculousness.....

FYI- the blog is titled after the phrase most uttered by my beloved to me... "Sort yourself out woman.."

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